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The Environment and Natural Resources Committee in Chile Approves a Project That Recognizes Odour as a Pollutant

On October 26, 2018, the Chilean House of Representatives approved a legislative proposal for including odours as a contaminating agent within the environmental framework law. The proposal was presented by half a dozen legislators in 2015. Passing the proposal on modification of an environmental bill to expressly treat odour as a pollutant is the first […]

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Science in the Parliament

Rosa Arias Participates in “Science in the Parliament” #CienciaenelParlamento Event at the Spanish Parliament in Madrid

Rosa Arias, D-NOSES Project Coordinator, will be participating as a Scientific Advisor in the “Science in the Parliament” #CienciaenelParlamento programme at the Spanish Parliament in Madrid on the 6th and 7th November. #CienciaenelParlamento is an independent citizen initiative that aims to make science and scientific knowledge one of the sources of information in the formulation of political […]

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Citizen Science in Society

As digital technologies reach more people and make advanced tools more accessible, Citizen Science has increasingly been used to address practical problems affecting communities, with a particular focus on environmental issues. D-NOSES believes that citizen science, given the appropriate methods, can and should be taken seriously at a scientific as well as policy level. […]

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Principle 10 and the Right to Create Data

Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration provides access to relevant environmental data. But what if the data does not exist? Citizens must be given the ability to create valid scientific data that can support their interests in environmental issues, and is taken seriously at a policy level. […]

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Odours and Affected Populations

Growing recognition persistent odours as a serious problem is another sign that the time has come to introduce common sense odour controls that work to protect exposed populations. D-NOSES will play a part by collecting data and evidence of the problems, as well as suggesting creative pathways to fair and balanced solutions using a multi-level, and stakeholder inclusive odour governance model. […]

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D-NOSES at the XIX National Poultry Congress in Colombia

Cyntia Izquierdo from the International Environmental Association of Odour Managers (AMIGO), D-NOSES consortium partner, led a 1-day course on the basic odour theory and odour mapping, including the D-NOSES project activities, for the Colombian National Association of Odour Managers at the XIX National Poultry Congress organised by the National Federation of Aviculturists of Colombia (Fenavi) […]

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