Rosa Arias, D-NOSES Project Coordinator, will be participating as a Scientific Advisor in the “Science in the Parliament” #CienciaenelParlamento programme at the Spanish Parliament in Madrid on the 6th and 7th November.

#CienciaenelParlamento is an independent citizen initiative that aims to make science and scientific knowledge one of the sources of information in the formulation of political proposals. It promotes a political culture close to science and scientific activities focused on the needs of the society. To achieve this goal, it is important that policymakers and the science, technology and innovation sector in Spain maintain regular contacts that facilitate the use of science effectively to advise on political decisions. It’s an important event for the D-NOSES project to participate in as we champion the use of citizen science, RRI and co-creation tools involving all stakeholders to design a feasible strategy of introducing regulated and replicable methods of managing odour pollution. Read more about D-NOSES here.

This particular event will discuss several topics and issues such as Climate Change and Energy Futures, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Social and Family Conciliation, etc. Rosa Arias will be participating in the assessment of Climate Change and Energy Futures today (6th November) at 6.30pm CET. The event will be streamed online on the Spanish Parliament Channel.

>>> View the event programme here