Distributed Network for Odour Sensing Empowerment and Sustainability


Empowering citizens with ​Responsible Research and Innovation, citizen science and co-creation tools to design odour pollution control measures at local, national and global levels with CSOs, NGOs, local public authorities, odour emitting industries and academia.






Newsletter – Launching the International Odour Observatory


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International Odour Observartory

The international odour observatory is the first observatory at a global level dedicated to providing access to odour related information. This is an initiative by D-NOSES, a citizen science project led by the Ibercivis foundation, with the goal to help communities who are affected by odour issues. The ultimate aim is to involve all stakeholders, including local authorities, odour-emitting industries, and odour experts in finding common sense solutions. The observatory includes information about odours, odour regulations, odour data collection, and possible mitigation strategies that can be used to improve the situation.

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Community Maps

One the crucial functions of the D-NOSES project is to support Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration by providing access to information about odour pollution issues. The audience requiring this access will inevitably be citizens with little knowledge and inteterest in science and databases. Which makes it essential to present the data in a manner that is both digestable and useful, so that readers can understand the issues, and search for appropriate solutions.  […]

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2nd Meeting of the Mediterranean Committee on Education for Sustainable Development

Last week MIO-ECSDE co-organized the 2nd Meeting of the Mediterranean Committee on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Heraklio, Crete. The occasion provided an excellent opportunity to inform the participants about D-NOSES. MIO-ECSDE set up a station over the 2 days to introduce the project, demonstrate the OdourCollect app, and run co-creation exercises for the Odour Observatory. […]

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Odour-Free and Clean Air Day Europe

Today is European Clean Air Day. Let’s all remember that clean air is also free of odour pollution. Join the movement to map all odours and contribute to a cleaner environment for all. […]

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From citizen collected data to scientific data: Validation

The validation of the data is a vital component of the D-NOSES method and citizen science in general. Only if we can show that the data is reliable can we expect the relevant stakeholders to take appropriate action. Various techniques are used in the D-NOSES pilots to ensure the collection of reliable scientific data from regular citizens. […]

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