Distributed Network for Odour Sensing Empowerment and Sustainability


Empowering citizens with ​Responsible Research and Innovation, citizen science and co-creation tools to design odour pollution control measures at local, national and global levels with CSOs, NGOs, local public authorities, odour emitting industries and academia.






NOSE 2021 Conference | Look into the captivating D-NOSES Partners Presentations

The 7th International Conference on ENVIRONMENTAL ODOUR MONITORING & CONTROL originally scheduled in Taormina, was held in pure virtual format. This world-class event provided very interesting programmes with the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from all sectors, including academia and industry, and share presentations of the latest key innovations within Environmental Odour Monitoring & Control. Improving […]

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D-NOSES Newsletter July 2021 | Project Wrap-Up & Key Results

After a full three years of the D-NOSES project, it is time to take a look back on the work done and results so far. Delays caused by the pandemic have forced the extension of the project for 6 months, and we will be spending that time wrapping up the work and presenting the achievements […]

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D-NOSES Trainings to empower everybody

“Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they will never go hungry again … “ At D-NOSES we have taken this age-old adage to heart. It is a big world and there are a lot of people that need help. The project has from the start […]

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The Odour Observatory offers information, advice, inspiration and tools.

The D-NOSES project and methods are all about inclusion. Inclusion in the broadest sense is not just about inviting people to the table. It is essential that when they come to the table they can understand and fully contribute to the discussion. Otherwise, they are not truly represented. The International Odour Observatory was created to […]

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Dowload the Free Odour Collect App today and become active in your odour environment!

Odour Collect is the preferred D-NOSES tool for collecting real-time data on odours. The free Citizen Science Application OdourCollect is simple and only requires users to rate detected odours and its type on their hedonic tone (is it a pleasant or unpleasant smell), and their intensity. The data collected is automatically registered in time and […]

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D-NOSES Pilots | The Prove of Evidence in the real world

The principal reason for the D-NOSES project is to help people. People who are exposed to constant odours, whose impact has a direct effect on their lives and health. The innovative methods developed in the project are already based on the wide experience of our Odour and Citizen Science experts. As with anything new, it […]

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