This section includes all public project deliverables prepared by the D-NOSES partners as part of the requirements of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 789315.

D1.6 Data Management Plan

The objective of this report is to present the first version of the Data Management Plan for the D-NOSES Project. The main goal of the Data Management Plan is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that the consortium will use. To create this DMP we are following the guidelines provided by the European Commission on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020, some aspects related to the conclusions generated by the JRC Technical Report Survey report: data management in Citizen Science Projects and others documents collected in the references.

D2.1 Review on odour pollution, odour measurement, abatement techniques

This document provides an overview and description of the different methods and techniques that can be used in the measurement and abatement of odour pollution.

D2.2 Analysis of existing regulation in odour pollution, odour impact criteria 1

This document provides an overview of odour regulations in eight European countries and in Chile.

D4.1 Map of odour issues and priorities. Multilevel engagement plan for stakeholders and communities

This document provides a preliminary mapping of communities affected by odour pollution in eight European countries and in Chile, and presents a conceptual framework for supporting stakeholders in planning and conducting citizen science interventions aimed at tackling odour problems.

D7.3 D-NOSES Events 1

This document provides a description of the use of events to promote the work and activities of the project.