D-NOSES Pilots | The Prove of Evidence in the real world

The principal reason for the D-NOSES project is to help people. People who are exposed to constant odours, whose impact has a direct effect on their lives and health. The innovative methods developed in the project are already based on the wide experience of our Odour and Citizen Science experts. As with anything new, it […]

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Inclusiveness by Design

The cause of the project is odours, an issue that knows no boundaries. This could then be defined as an inclusive problem, affecting all those in its path. It requires an inclusive solution, implemented by all the stakeholders involved. D-NOSES has explicitly embraced models of social engagement including the Bristol Method and Extreme Citizen Science, both of which advocate for the inclusivity in the broadest sense of the word. […]

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Man hole cover for sewer entry with iron grate on street in a city

Sewage dumping from fisheries in Agrado de Penuelas

Illegal waste dumping is a common problem that can be challenging to tackle, as in this case of waste from fisheries in Chile. The sources are difficult to trace, even though the final effects are easy to see. D-NOSES proposes to use the human nose, our best and most versatile odour detection system, in a bid to help authorities track down and resolve the problems. […]

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Kampala Noses pilot launch

We are pleased to share this invitation to the ‘Effective local action on Odour for Kampala’ Conference, part of the launch of Kampala NOSES Network for Odour Sensing Empowerment and Sustainability. Kampala NOSES is a pilot project that seeks to introduce novel ways with which to monitor and record odour issues across Kampala, with a longer term vision of implementing new environmental reporting and governance mechanisms that are accessible to all. […]

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European Week for waste reduction 2019 in Sofia - School kids program 2

Sofia Pilot Update

The Sofia Pilot focuses on the optimisation of food waste collection around the city to reduce odour nuisance, and it has been a busy few months there with plenty of D-NOSES and citizen science activities crossing over into the new decade. Reaching out to the stakeholders is an important part of any sustainable solution, and a core part of the quadruple helix based approach that brings together policy makers, odour experts, researchers and citizens. […]

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Join the Barcelona Pilot

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Join our partners Ibercivis and Ideas For Change at the Museu Blau in Barcelona to learn about the odours impacting the community around the Forum area and how you can help by using the OdourCollect app to map and report odours you come across in your daily life. Download the flyer to learn more and […]

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Launch of the first Pilots

Our first five pilot cases have begun! The cases were carefully selected to demonstrate the power of citizen science and the ability of the D-NOSES to get results in different settings. The cases include different types of emitter sources, such as from waste management, industry, and agriculture. They also include different contexts, such as residential encroachment of industrial areas, process optimization, and environmental pollution control. […]

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Citizen Science Safari in Barcelona Forum Area

As part of the Science Biennal, D-NOSES partners Ibercivis and Ideas for Change (IFC) held an odour training and awareness workshop last Sunday 10th of February 2019 in the Fòrum area of Barcelona. The Fòrum area has long been a focal point of bad smells; which D-NOSES proposes to resolve using citizen science to measure and validate the real impact on residents. Visitors and their children were excited to learn about the environmental odours affecting their neighbourhoods and what could be done about them. […]

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