The Sofia Pilot focuses on the optimisation of food waste collection around the city to reduce odour nuisance, and it has been a busy few months there with plenty of D-NOSES and citizen science activities crossing over into the new decade. Reaching out to the stakeholders is an important part of any sustainable solution, and a core part of the quadruple helix based approach that brings together policy makers, odour experts, researchers and citizens.

Sofia hosted their first D-NOSES policy workshop, which was held on 13th of December 2019. Twenty people attended from public authorities, including representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Water. They were there to become familiarized with the D-NOSES project and possible changes in the legislation were discussed.

Another D-NOSES workshop, was held early this year on the 8th of January 2020. Representatives from the local plant for the Biological Treatment of food waste and other experts engaged in monitoring of the whole process of collection of food waste attended the meeting. They shared their issues and difficulties with the collection of food waste and discussed possible scenarios how the unpleasant odours from the food waste could be minimized most effectively.

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