Odour Collect is the preferred D-NOSES tool for collecting real-time data on odours. The free Citizen Science Application OdourCollect is simple and only requires users to rate detected odours and its type on their hedonic tone (is it a pleasant or unpleasant smell), and their intensity. The data collected is automatically registered in time and location, which allows a more reliable analysis to be done on the frequency and impact of odours from the real perception of the receptor for the first time. Because of the real-time component, it is also possible to build in extra validations by trusted experts to ensure the validity and transparency of the data.

The apparent simplicity of the OdourCollect App hides some of the complexity of the validation and back tracing process in the background. Odour reports can be used in dispersion models that include geographical and weather data, indicating the odour path to their probable source. This tool has proven invaluable in differentiating odours and impacts from different sources, as it is often difficult to differentiate types of smells coming from industry, waste or agrarian sources.

The Odour Collect App is available for free and can be used anywhere in the world to register odours as you go about your daily life. These records, built up over time, will give odour experts a rich database of background odour information that can help to distinguish significant odour events and their impacts.

Download the app today OdourCollect.eu and take an active role in your odour environment!