European Clean Air Day

Air pollution harms the health of millions of Europeans. You can do simple things to improve air quality. The ECAD is a chance to learn more about air pollution, share information and help make European air cleaner!




The 20th of June will be the European Clean Air Day. This campaign draws attention to air quality issues, but will also engage people so that they become active and take responsibility for their own environment. Not everyone can organise or attend one of the live events, but everyone can contribute to an Odour Free and Clean Air Day by using OdourCollect to map odours that affect them and their communities.


Use OdourCollect to map odours in your area

OdourCollect is available as an online web application as well as a free mobile app for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) platforms.

Web Application

iOS Appstore

Android Google Play

OdourCollect is a new mobile and web application that everyone can use to map odours they come across in their daily lives. This information can then be used by odour experts, working together with local authorities and industries, to diagnose and attempt to resolve the problem.

Please register to use the app and help us gather odour data from all across Europe on the 20th of June and beyond. Every odour you map brings your community one step closer to an odour pollution free environment!