SANTIAGO DE CHILE, CHILE - JANUARY 26, 2018: Intense traffic on Avenida La Alameda, the most important street in Santiago de Chile. In the background, the flag of Citizenship Square

Chile: Odours are Pollution

Chile recently proposed to classify odours as pollution, at least partially due to 2 odour related crisis events that caught the attention of the nation. In statements, proponents of the law advocated the need to measure the impact of persistent odours on affected communities to avoid similar problems in the future. […]

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Odour training at Ecomondo 2018

The D-NOSES took advantage of the Ecomondo 2018 environmental exhibition to educate visitors about odours at the ISWA booth. A team of odour researchers from Politecnico Milano, led by Selena Sironi, brought a set of samples that could be used both to educate and test the visitors ability to determine odours according to the new rating system that is proposed for the OdourCollect application. […]

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D-NOSES at IFAT 2018

Rosa Arias, D-Noses Project Manager, Ibercivis, presented D-Noses European Commission H2020 funded project at a pop-up session at the ISWA International Solid Waste Association booth at IFAT 2018. […]

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